Know Your Limo

When booking a limo bus or stretch SUV limo always look for a company website displaying a Better Business Bureau accredited logo. This logo assures the consumer of the reputation the limousine provider to be of a high standard motivated to provide quality service and prompt resolution if need be.

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Silver Lady Limo is a Vancouver BC and luxury limo transportation provider featuring impeccable and current models of limousines, including; stretch Navigator SUVs, Expeditions, Excursions, and Party Limo Buses. At Silver Lady Limousine, we can help you find the right limo option for your special event.

We offer detailed and professional service any time and any day, and are more than happy to assist in every transaction, even last minute reservations from the entire greater Vancouver area including all suburbs well past the American border.

Silver Lady Limousine first came on the scene as a reliable limo service in 1986. With a small fleet working hard to make its stamp alongside other limo provider giants, Silver Lady Limousine forged ahead and never looked back, competing for the same bids companies boasting fleet sizes three times their size. As a result, Silver Lady Limousine committed a small staff to the idea that it was absolutely imperative to breathe the mission of the company into every reservation, every service provided, every interaction, subsequently developing a standard none to one. Business peers soon began to take notice and shortly after prompted questions regarding the tenacity of such a small company managed with so much steam that seemed to bypass the industry giants along the path as the bite sized limo provider soon was looking back to those blocked by its dust. It was no coincidence the focus and the quality produced such tremendous results and soon competition began to play unfairly, reducing professional business relationships to sandbox behavior followed by name calling and weak attempts to steal customers one from the other. In the wake of the elementary approach some giants fell and fell hard, never to recover or even regain composure. This left some giants vulnerable and susceptible to further destruction and eventually falling to the wayside only to crumble to Chapter 11.