Labour Day Limousine Service

Labour Day Long Weekend limousine service

Labour day

Parents, restrain yourselves! You must not show your joy until after the kids have
returned to school from summer vacation. We understand how exhausted you are after a
summer of daily activities, trips to the waterslides and amusement parks, and the sheer
noise of multiple weekends filled with kids’ slumber parties.  We feel for you and this is
why we are so excited to let you know of the Labour Day Party Bus Special! That’s right,
you heard us correctly. Silver Lady Limo is proud to offer a 2-hour vancouver party bus
service driving around a happy and boisterous group of tweens thereby giving you a
peaceful afternoon off as you prepare for the new school year with lunch menus and
proper school supplies. We can take your kids on a scenic tour of the Vancouver’s great
hot spots, and even stop for cool treats somewhere by the beach. We’ll even keep an eye
on the group and ensure the kids stay close together and return home safely after an
exhilarating afternoon blasting their music and dancing with their friends on the party
buses we offer. We provide the ice and, at your request, the cold refreshments while the
kids work up a frenzy of joy only a teenager can understand. At the end of the
reservation, the kids are safely returned to you filled with happiness and energy
unmatched as they relay detail by detail of what they did while on a party bus. Our job is
done, we have succeeded in providing a safe, reliable and professional party bus service
at a small cost to you and even tuckered them out just before a good night sleep. Happy
Labour Day Long Weekend! Need us again for the same idea, no problem! Call us…