New Years Day Limo Services



New Years Day Limo Services

The best night of your life took place only hours ago. Last night went off without a hitch-

– it was epic. The party limo bus rocked it out. This morning, your buddy calls to say he

booked a limousine service to the airport. He advised you to pack a bag and be ready for

pickup in twenty minutes. Four tickets to Vegas and the jet leaves in two hours. Does

this get any better?! Probably not. You wonder if a phat cat limo will arrive as you jam

your suitcase with anything that smells remotely clean wondering if you might have to

call in sick on Monday, probably won’t make it back in time for work, but oh so worth

it. The limo arrives in classic style, sleek, white and low, low, low. The windows are

rolled down and the bass is popping. The boys hang out the window and greet you with a

smile and a drink in the hand. The new year is off to a great start and you grin big as you

slide over on plush leather and reach for the extended drink from your buddy celebrating

another stellar experience. You wonder if next year will measure up to this one. Does it

really matter?

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