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Often referred to as “Poco”, Port Coquitlam sits on the confluence of the Fraser River and the Pitt River, and is the 88th largest city by population.  Located 27 kilometres east of Vancouver, the land of Port Coquitlam is home to nearly sixty thousand residents scattered across a stretch of eleven square miles.  The first European settlers began farming beside the Pitt River in 1859 however the city was first incorporated as a municipality early 1913. Although the land was originally farmland, it soon evolved to mostly suburban housing, especially on its Northern and South Western sides. In the late 1990s the population substantially grew with a large number of immigrants, who by 2001, comprised 25% of the population.  Because of its primarily suburban nature, Port Coquitlam relies heavily on its vehicular roads to move people and goods.

Port Coquitlam or Poco

In October 2009 the new Pitt River Bridge, a new seven-lane cable stayed bridge, opened to the public replacing the existing cross.  The previous crossing was made up of 2 swing bridges which were removed upon completion of the new cable stayed bridge.  Port Coquitlam boasts a picturesque natural setting, a strategic location, progressive business opportunities, small town spirit and dedication to healthy living that offers an exceptional living and working environment for people of all ages.

Over recent years, the city has been bustling with new commercial, institutional, industrial and residential development, much of which is close to its historical and authentic downtown core or in new growth areas.  To meet the needs of the residents, the city is undertaking improvements to infrastructure, transportation and other services.  Silver Lady Limousine has been a longstanding limo service provider to the city of Port Coquitlam and will continue to do so in every capacity of the future providing transportation requirements to the residents for all their event planning needs.

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Silver Lady Limo is pleased to provide limo service for all special occasions, including:

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  • weddings
  • corporate functions
  • sporting events
  • birthdays
  • graduations
  • Whistler getaways.

Prompt, courteous customer service is the focus and determination for a professional limo service provider catering to Port Coquitlam, Vancouver and the entire Lower Mainland area including Vancouver Island and Nanaimo.

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