Stag and Stagette Party Limousines


Stag and Stagette Party Limousines

So she said yes. Now what? Your bride to be has suggested you book your party bus

packages together and save some money. You toy with the idea, forty buddies, some

Jager and a couple of dancers to seal one epic night some may never forget. Your future

wife asks about your plan, you grin sheepishly refusing to divulge the details of your

last night of freedom and make up something on the sly. She’s onto you and figures out

your plans way before you but allows your night to continue because she trusts you.

Or, maybe she is actually hiding a naughty secret of her own. Nonetheless, the love you

share is strong and nothing to be concerned with, you reach for the cell and make a wise

decision booking with Silver Lady Limo knowing your night is in the right hands. Three

weeks later the night arrives and flows with ease and style envied by all your guests, and

all can think of is the person you are to marry. You sneak off and make a call, she doesn’t

answer. As you end the call without a voicemail and turn around, her party bus pulls up

next to yours, the night just got better.