Tip Your Limo Driver

Gather your nightclub friends and party on a party bus or multiple party buses and partake in a downtown nightclub hop in style and in a party bus. We know the importance in reserving the best luxury limo service for your money and to be assured the high level of limousine service you expect is guaranteed. When calling in your limo reservation or booking online look for the Better Business Bureau Accredited Business logo to ensure you are dealing with a reputable limousine service provider.

Silver Lady Limousine is the best limo service provider as far as Vancouver limo service providers go. When you choose to hire a limo and a great limo driver choose the best limo service in Vancouver for your needs. Not all limos are the same. Not all limo drivers are created equal. Service providers are a dime a dozen and must be researched to find the absolute very best. All service providers are vying for your business, always remember to choose wisely and carefully for the best company that will make you happy. On the day your limo arrives the first thing you will notice is, was the driver prompt? The second question you will ask yourself is, is the vehicle clean and visually appealing to the naked eye? Once you have been assured of this, your eyes will automatically begin to take in the professional appearance of your driver. Is he an eye soar or did he arrive to impress? It is at that exact moment where you have begun your tip countdown unbeknownst to the driver. Each and every word and gesture will be under scrutiny and tough judgment will be logged as the day progresses until the very end where upon you will have to decide, did the service suffice?

A quick group huddle followed by a mental calculation will help determine the final outcome for the greatly anticipated gratuity your driver has been on best behavior for. This is it, the moment has come when you reach out and hand the driver what you perceive to be his or her worth. The expression you are met with will answer any doubt you may have had when considering what was deemed as appropriate reward for personal behavior. It is a beautiful moment when both parties involved have exceeded one another’s expectations in an experience where expectation was exceedingly high and attained.