Valentine’s Day Limo Services


Valentine’s Day

This year is different. This year you have a girlfriend. All bets are off and the sky is the

limit on your choice of spending. Chocolates: check. Expensive flowers: check. Jewelry:

check. Dinner reservations: check, check. Limo: need to check. You wonder where to

book a cheap limo service and remember your buddy had mentioned Silver Lady Limo

or phat cat limo the other day when he was bragging about the plans he had in store for

his girlfriend. Google pops up right away with the same choice you had in mind and you

call the number to inquire about the price. You are surprised about the great offer and

book on the spot. The girl seems nice and explains how it all works, she even makes

a suggestion of where to propose and you begin to feel the excitement of what’s about

to happen. Life is about to take a turn and you are so ready for the moment. The call

takes ten minutes and you are booked for a romantic night with your girl. You plan and

plan again, and remind yourself to stop worrying. Everything is planned and will run

smoothly. Nothing could go wrong. You found the right person, now time to put a ring

on it and build a life with someone worth all the waiting and patience you could muster.


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