You have carried the little grey box in your pocket for nearly two weeks, waiting for the perfect moment to ask your best friend to marry you. She said yes. You ask her to trust you to plan the most important day of your lives, leaving all the details to you. Reluctantly, she agrees as you enlist the help of your wedding party and the best vendors Vancouver has to offer. After securing the church for the ceremony and the downtown hotel for the reception venue, you wonder, what’s next? Just then, you recall your buddy’s birthday bash last year booked by Silver Lady Limo and reach for the phone.

Although your wedding is less than three months away, Silver Lady Limousine books and confirms your reservation assuring you “head turning” luxury limo transportation will arrive to pick up your beautiful bride in a white chariot and whisk her off to the ceremony of her life.

The day is perfect, all of your planned events go off without a hitch, your bride cannot stop staring into your eyes, and you begin to make the first of your unforgettable memories. At the end of the night, you shake the hand of your kind limo driver expressing deep gratitude for everything that went right on your special day and promise to call next week and book your honeymoon limo to the airport.